Air Conditioner Options

Having central air in South Jordan, Salt Lake, Sandy or Herriman means you need to understand your options. The age, size and layout of your home will affect your cooling needs. There are several options to consider when upgrading or installing an air conditioner.
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Upgrading vs. New Installation

When you’re installing a new system, there is little to worry about. But if you are upgrading an existing air conditioning system, don’t just assume that a new version of what you have now is the way to go. Any changes you have made in the efficiency of your home, including weather-proofing, installing new, energy efficient windows, or adding insulation will lower the cooling needs of your home. This will affect the type of central air your South Jordan home, or a home in the surrounding area, will need. An addition will increase your cooling needs. You also shouldn’t assume that the ductwork you have is in good working order. Call Alvey HVAC today to have your ductwork inspected, insulated and sealed.

When You Can’t Have Ducts

What if your home is not equipped with ducts, and there is no place to put any? Some older homes do not have the required space to install all the ductwork needed for central air. If this is the case in your home, there is another option available to you. It’s called a split ductless system, and it is similar to central air. It consists of one outdoor unit and one to four indoor units. The indoor units mount high on the wall of the room you wish to cool, and connect to the outdoor unit via a tube and an electric wire that runs behind the wall. The tube contains the refrigerant, as well as a drain line which leads to the outdoor condenser unit. These air conditioners are a great option for people who can’t have ducting installed.
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Central Air

If your house has adequate ducting, or if you are able to install adequate ducting, consider central air conditioning. Central air is the best way to keep your home at one consistently cool temperature. This system has two units: an indoor cooling coil and an outdoor compressor. Refrigerant runs between the two, cooling and dehumidifying the air, which is then blown through the ducts in your home. This is the traditional style of air conditioning. There is also a system called a “heat pump” which can be a heater and a cooler. It transfers warm air out of your home in the summer and into your home in the winter. Consider central air in South Jordan, Salt Lake or Sandy to keep cool this summer.

Whether you’re upgrading or installing a new unit, and whatever type of air conditioner you choose, Alvey HVAC is the number one choice for repair and service of your central air in South Jordan, Herriman, Draper, Salt Lake City or Sandy.
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