Weather-Proofing Your Home

As it heats up outside, the hot air outside will try to get into your nice, cool home. If this happens, your air conditioner will have to work harder to keep your home comfortable. But there are things you can do to keep the hot summer air out and the cool air in.

More Insulation

Whether you live in an older or a newer home, more insulation can increase the effectiveness of your central air system. Consider adding insulation in your attic, where older homes may not have the recommended amount of insulation by today’s standards. Even new construction doesn’t always comply with code and can sometimes be lacking in attic insulation. If your home has ever had an addition built onto it, you may want to check the new exterior walls to ensure they have enough insulation, especially if you didn’t commission the addition. If you have central air in South Jordan, Draper, Herriman, Sandy or Salt Lake, you can call Alvey HVAC, and we can give you tips on how much insulation you should have for maximum air conditioner efficiency.

Weather Stripping

There are thin strips of rubber or plastic designed to keep the heat out and the air conditioned air in. They can be found under your front door, back door, and any door that leads outside. Another important threshold that needs to be fitted with proper weather stripping is the garage. Many garages have a door that leads to the back or side yard, and then there is the garage door itself. Each of these places needs weather stripping to help keep out hot air in the summer, cold air in the winter, and rain or snow. Weather stripping can become cracked or torn, and needs to be checked regularly to ensure it is doing its job of keeping the elements out.

We’ll have more weather proofing tips on our blog soon. Till then, click here for information on service and repair for your central air in South Jordan, Salt Lake, Sandy or Herriman.