The Importance of Ductwork

Having the proper ductwork in your home is vital to an efficient air-conditioning system. The ducts need to be the right size, in the right places, and must be properly sealed.

The Importance of Size

If your ducts are too small they will operate noisily. Ducts that are too small can also cause damage to your central air unit. If your central air is working, outputting cool air, and that air is not moving into your home, the air conditioning unit may overheat and become damaged. The professionals at Alvey are experienced at designing and installing ducting. If your home has no ductwork, we can help you plan how many cubic inches of space your ductwork needs to deliver for optimal cooling. If your home has existing ducting, we can analyze it to find out if it is right for your home’s cooling needs. We perform AC repair in Herriman and other cities south of Salt Lake, and this includes ductwork.

The Importance of Placement

Having your ducts in the right place is also imperative for efficient cooling. Some homes have heating ducts, but do not have central air. In this case, you can sometimes use the existing vents to house your central air system. Sometimes, however, the old vents are not in the optimal place for cool air to enter a room. Because heat rises, these vents are often low, even on the floor. This is not the best place for cold air, unless you love having icy feet. Consider having your house re-ducted if this is the case in your home. At Alvey, our knowledge of air conditioning extends to ductwork, and is part of our service and AC repair in Herriman and the surrounding area.

The Importance of Sealing

Your ductwork also needs to be properly sealed. Duct tape, the kind that comes in sliver and many other colors, was designed to seal cracks in ducts. However, this tape can dry and fall off, and is not a permanent solution to a problem with your duct. Instead try metal tape. This tape is also designed for ducts, but lasts much longer. You can also call Alvey and have your ducts professionally sealed with duct sealant. This compound will last longer and provide a better seal than any type of tape. Because we repair AC in and around Herriman, we are ready to come to your house and seal your ducts properly.

When considering a new air conditioning system in your home, don’t underestimate the importance of the ductwork. For information on Alvey’s ductwork professionals, and our AC repair in Herriman, South Jordan, Sandy, Draper and Salt Lake City, click here.