More Weather-Proofing Tips

Having an air conditioner in Sandy, Salt Lake, and the surrounding areas means dealing with some pretty harsh weather conditions. Spring is the right time to weather-proof your home against the summer heat. This spring, check into these options that will help keep your house cool and your electric bill low.

Curtains or Blinds

The main contributor to summer heat is, of course, the bright summer sun. Many living spaces, including family rooms, bedrooms and even kitchens, have large windows to let in natural light. This is pleasant, but letting the sun’s rays into your home can fade carpet and furniture, and can heat your home substantially, working against your air conditioner. If you have large windows, you should invest in blinds or curtains to block the sun’s light. You may want to have both blinds and curtains so you can choose the level of light you let into your home. You may also choose to let light in when it is soft, as in the morning, but to close the blinds or curtains in the afternoon, when the sun is at its hottest.

Energy Efficient Windows

Many homes are not fitted with energy efficient windows. Upgrading your windows to some that are energy efficient can make a big difference in your power bill. Energy efficient windows are designed to block more UV rays than other windows, and can even block different types of UV rays that normal windows cannot keep out. They are also double-paned, which gives you another layer of protection from the heat in the summer and the cold in the winter. Investing in energy efficient windows will also increase the value of your home, as they can be advertised as a special feature of your home.


Calking is a polymer that fills cracks and holes. Though your house was thoroughly calked when it was new, each season of cold weather can crack or wear on the calking, leaving it unable to protect your home. Sometimes, holes or cracks can also form on the exterior walls of your home where none were before, letting in heat in the summer, and maybe even pests like rodents and bugs. Fill all these holes and cracks with calking each spring to protect your home. If the hole is large, try expanding foam instead of calking, but be aware; it’s not pretty when it dries, and may need to be trimmed.

When spring is over and the summer heat begins, you want to be prepared. To service or repair your air conditioner in Sandy, Salt Lake, Herriman or Draper, click here, or call Alvey HVAC today.