Making the Most of Your Air Conditioning

No one likes to be hot. That is why man invented the air conditioner. During the summer, we’d all rather our kids go outside to play than stay inside watching TV or playing video games. But when it gets hot, sometimes they don’t want to go outside. So we’ve compiled some ideas of how to make the most of your air conditioning, both maximizing your outdoor play time and minimizing your power bill.

Choose Outdoor Time Carefully

It’s summer! Parents want to sleep in and kids want to watch cartoons. It’s easy to let the kids get up and watch TV while you get another hour of sleep. But you may be wasting the best part of the day doing this. Instead, consider getting up and getting outside right away. If you get in a walk, bike ride or trip to the park before 10 am, you’ll utilize the coolest part of the day, which means you get to be cool without having to pay for any air conditioning. The exercise will also help you feel great all day. Save indoor activities for the afternoon when it’s hot. Going out at this time will not only cause you to be hot, but the opening and closing of doors in the afternoon heat can warm your home, causing your central air to work harder. If you need to service your HVAC in Sandy, Salt Lake, Herriman, Draper or South Jordan to keep it efficient, contact Alvey Heating and Air.

Choose Cool Activities for the Afternoon

When it’s hot out, you have two choices: stay inside and read, play calm games, or watch TV, or, get out and get wet! The afternoon is the perfect time for favorite summertime activities such as swimming, running through sprinklers, playing with the hose, or visiting a splash pad. Another fun option for beating the heat is ice play. Pinterest is loaded with ideas on how to use ice for fun, inexpensive summertime games. If you’re outside during the heat of the day, there is no need to keep your AC at 70 degrees. You can turn it up to 78 and save on your bill. Then, when you return in the evening, turn it back down. Because it will be cooler outside, your air conditioner will not have to work as hard to cool your house.

However you choose to play this summer, make sure you keep your air conditioner in proper working order. For information on service and repair for HVAC in Sandy, Salt Lake, Herriman, Draper and South Jordan, click here.