Home Maintenance Tips For Your Air Conditioner

When your air conditioner stops functioning, you need an expert technician to service it, like the experts at Alvey. We repair air conditioning in Herriman, Sandy, South Jordan, Draper and Salt Lake. There are some things you can do yourself, however, to keep your air conditioner functioning at its peak.

Change the Filters

Your air conditioner has several filters. Most need to be changed monthly for peak performance, but some may be changed quarterly. When you change these filters, make sure you buy the right size. A tight fit is vital. If the filter does not fit well, it will not be able to keep allergens out of your air and dirt from entering and clogging your air conditioning unit. You also need to make sure you buy the right style of filter for the air conditioner in your home.

Clear the Unit

Your air conditioning unit is outside, probably on the side of or behind your house. Because it is outside, it can sometimes become blocked by plant matter such as dead leaves and twigs. Living vines may also begin to cover your air conditioner. If these plants block the air intake on your AC unit, it will become less efficient, so you need to remove them regularly. Make a goal of clearing it once a month, or more if you feel the need. You may also want to check it periodically for nests made by either birds or wasps, and for any trash or debris that may have blown into your yard.

Clear the Vents

Producing cold, crisp air is only one part of an air conditioner’s job. The other part is delivering that air to the rooms in your home. Regularly cleaning the delivery vents will help ensure your air conditioner can work properly, without additional strain. It can also cut down on allergens being blown into your home. You can vacuum out the vents, or wipe them with a cloth and soapy water. If you are buying a home, consider having the ducting professionally cleaned before you move in to ensure they are clean and clear of obstructions.

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