HVAC in Draper, Utah: Providing the Right Kind of Comfort

When the government of Mexico banned the siesta in 1999, it failed to anticipate the effect this would have on the country’s energy consumption. An article by Maggie Koerth-Baker published by the New York Times Magazine described the impact it had on the people who had long been used to this Latin American tradition. Air conditioner ownership in Mexico City increased since the siesta ban from 10 percent in 1995 to around 80 percent of households in 2011.

In the U.S. and in other parts of the globe where the siesta is not a tradition, air conditioning devices had already been widely used in many homes for a number of years. This includes areas such as Utah’s capital, Salt Lake City, and its satellite cities like Draper and South Jordan. The region has a sub-humid climate with long, hot, and dry summers and long, cold, and snowy winters, making HVAC in Draper, Utah and its environs a must for homes.

According to Elizabeth Shove, professor of sociology at Lancaster University in England, the siesta provided a kind of de facto air conditioning because it shifted work from extremely hot afternoons into cooler evening hours. With the siesta losing official government sanction, people became more dependent on air-conditioning and other energy-hungry cooling devices. Shove added that historically, societies created their own methods of dealing with the local climate, making these part of their customs and traditions.

However, as people from different countries became more interconnected, and distinctive cultural traits become blurred by globalization, some age-old customs change, and new cultural constructs arise such as a modified definition of comfort and how it relates to temperature. In fact, research showed that different people relate to the same kind of temperature differently. They can be comfortable from 43 degrees Fahrenheit all the way up to 86 degrees Fahrenheit.

People are usually comfortable with what they have long been accustomed to, Shove points out, noting how this could affect the kind of HVAC system they may want to install in their homes. On the other hand, people will never get used to HVAC systems that can not provide the heating or cooling they need. This includes old, outdated units or those that are too underpowered to adequately serve their purpose.

The good news is that in various areas of Utah such as South Jordan central air conditioning systems are designed to fit perfectly into any home to provide just the right temperature regulating solutions for comfort. You can call companies like Alvey Heating & Air to provide your homes with the proper type of HVAC without any problem. They even offer free estimates, free site visits, and free diagnosis of your old units to ensure that you only get what you truly need for your home.

Homeowners in Draper, South Jordan, and their vicinity do not need to have set siesta times. They can find comfort in their homes anytime they want.