Finding Affordable Types of Air Conditioner in Sandy

Summers in Sandy, a suburb of Salt Lake City, or in its southwest urban neighbor, Herriman, can be long, hot, and dry. In such weather, an air conditioning unit at home is not only a need, but an absolute necessity. Otherwise, life in this region can become unbearable due to the sweltering temperature.

In fact, as Brian Eckert writes in an article for, a window air conditioner on hot summer days would certainly be better than having no air conditioner at all. However, Eckert suggests a quieter and more efficient system to bring more comforts to any household. He refers to a central air conditioner in Sandy, for example, that can distribute cooled air through an entire house or office via a duct system like those offered by companies such as Alvey Heating & Air.

A central air conditioning system can be added to your existing forced-air heating system, even without an existing HVAC network. However, there are some factors to consider when you buy a new central air conditioner, starting with choosing among the three major types. These are a split system, a mini-split system, and a package system. In the split system, the compressor is situated outdoors, while the air handler that distributes cooled air throughout the premises is installed in the indoor living space.

In the package system, both the compressor and the air handlers are placed in one indoor spot, whether on the floor or the ceiling. Meanwhile, the mini-split system or the ductless mini-split system is for older homes without ductwork and cooling additions of not more than 1,200 square feet. After you’ve decided on the type of central air conditioning system you want, you need to choose the size of the system that can adequately cool your entire home.

Finally, choose an air conditioner that has a high SEER (seasonal energy efficiency rating) for its energy efficiency value. It represents how much cooling the unit provides in terms of the amount of energy it uses. The higher the SEER, the more efficient the air conditioner is.

The cost of the installation, however, would depend on the size of the premises to be cooled and the unit’s tonnage and SEER rating. There would also be less problems if you’re installing a new air conditioning system; but if you merely want to upgrade, you have to consider other factors like insulation, ductwork. A reliable HVAC provider, however, can provide the solutions to all your air conditioning concerns.

These HVAC providers can be valuable not only in the installation of your unit, but also when you need their services for AC repair in Herriman or Sandy. Cultivating an early professional relationship with these companies can ensure proper maintenance of your air conditioners at all times.